Housekeeping Services For Resorts and Hotels in Florida

Empire Hospitality Services provides turn-key housekeeping solutions in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties, and Orlando, Florida. While also known as contract cleaners, we provide services specific to the needs and conditions of each property. Our company provides a complete range of services to meet the housekeeping needs of any hotel, timeshare, or vacation property. Empire Hospitality Services is staffed with highly trained professionals who understand the importance of guest satisfaction. Most importantly we maintain a close and professional relationship with the management of each of our clients. As a result, our clientele have noticed an increase in RCI ratings and online reviews based on the improvement in cleanliness alone.

We offer competitive rates and additional services to enhance customer service and keep your facility running at optimum efficiency. We provide customized Janitorial Services tailored to the needs of our clients… with budget…on time…with an obsessive dedication to getting it right for you.


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Exceptional Timeliness

Our team will ensure that your rooms are cleaned on time, every time. We have an excellent track record.


Our staff will work hard to ensure that your rooms are cleaned to the highest standards.


We guarantee that management and guests will be satisfied with the cleanliness of the rooms.


We only hire qualified employees who are legally authorized to work in the US.



Empire Hospitality Services knows that each client requires different services. We have a list of services available which our clients may choose from.

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When you partner with Empire hospitality services, you receive:

  • A staff consisting of trained & experienced cleaning specialists.
  • Portable vacumm service which allows for thorough cleaning of vents, balconies, sliding door tracks, upholstery, bedding & furniture.
  • All cleaning staff is managed by a supervising team, ensuring that all rooms are cleaned immaculately & efficiently, allowing for prompt check ins.
  • We use a proprietary disinfectant to make the rooms smell fresh & clean, providing a welcoming scent to guests after a long day’s travel.
  • We can provide temporary housekeeping services, whether it be just for the weekends or during busy seasons.
  • If renovating, we have a cleaning crew that specializes in post construction clean up to prepare the property for occupancy.